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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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this is the news line from berlin an earthquake and tsunami leave hundreds dead in indonesia that's after powerful waves barrel into the island. officials are warning the final death toll could be much higher we'll get the latest from our correspondents coming up. turkish president. arrives in the western german city of qom known opponents and supporters staged rival demonstrations ahead of his planned opening of a giant new mosque we'll go live to cologne. might of others that are
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don't want me to jump it was an extraordinary confrontation between a sexual abuse survivor and the u.s. and the u.s. senate needs him to call for an investigation into a. supreme court nominee. on either q. money welcome to the program a powerful earthquake rocked indonesia triggering a towering tsunami officials now say at least three hundred eighty four people were killed waves reportedly as high as six meters hit the city of the island. hospitals have been struggling to cope with the injured while rescue was scrambling to reach the stricken region. that were left to pride for their lives as winds whipped up everything inside. cries of panic
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were heard as a multimedia high wall of water rushed towards the western coastline of sulawesi island and waves knocked out power and fine lines and swept away people's homes and businesses among the worst hit the city of palu where even the study mosque could withstand the king tide authorities say a big festival was going on when the waves hit. this in nami was triggered by a seven point five magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast right away many people rushed into the straits worried that building to collapse around them it wasn't long before the huge waves come rushing in. we received reports that the tsunami waves reached as high as six meters and some people saved their lives by climbing six meter trees. at daybreak on saturday revealed what was left behind as the tide receded boats gathered along the shoreline. and rows of
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bodies even now officials fear many more are still trapped in the de brézé the in the nation government is struggling to respond. as. i've instructed the security minister to coordinate resources the chief of the armed forces is hoping to handle the emergency situation including rescues and evacuations. the day after the aftershocks continue to shake salue why see giving little or spot to survive as the fear is still written on their faces. correspond and that's well done in jakarta now joins us from on this story so let's authorities have one that the death toll could rise further what's the latest you're hearing about rescue efforts. yes disaster management agency and the military on the ground president said that he's monitoring the situation very closely from
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the red cross that is dying a food. act as the water had been disrupted and. as well medical supplies short but the most urgent pressing need at the moment is still the ongoing search and rescue efforts are being frustrated by damage to the infrastructure including a large bridge and what has been closed due to damage to the runways so only helicopters able to fly in with. resources for the rescue effort and what can you tell us about reports that we're getting that prisoners managed to escape from a prison in the city of. yet so the the head of the local prison there told in ages and that a news agency of almost six hundred inmates some three hundred seemed to have the skates when a wall of the prison was destroyed by the tsunami however it was noted that given
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how dire the situation there is in police and guards and more focused on assisting victims of the tsunami than they are searching for these escaped inmates might be noted that. prison breaks are actually not all that uncommon in indonesia where we're prisons largely overcrowded anyway now max the indonesian authorities are facing criticism over the wanting they issued for this tsunami can you tell us why . yes. before it occurred yesterday when there was the earthquake. there was a tsunami issued however this was taken back around thirty four minutes after it was initially issued however then subsequent to that this and i mean did he. now at least one terry and in jakarta who had family and has been very very openly critical of the mill uro that he agency are calling for them to be held accountable
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because of course as was mentioned it were still people on the beach as the tsunami so certainly there has been some confusion here and potentially lives lost as a result of miscommunication that's wild and joining us from to katter thank you. thanks very much. as no look at some of the other stories making news around the world spanish police have clashed with catalyst separatists in barcelona demonstrators from painting projectiles at the police officers kept them might be with buttons but tensions are high in the region one here after a banned referendum on catalan independence. in gaza hundreds of people have attended the funerals of two palestinian boys officials say the eleven and fourteen year olds were among seven people killed by israeli fire as they attempted to storm a border fence on friday was the deadliest day of weekly border protests since they
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began in march. facebook says a fresh data breach has exposed the personal information of fifteen million users social media giant says it doesn't know who is behind the attack of the breach could allow hackers to take over facebook accounts users who've used the view as featured in the last year are especially vulnerable. lawyer amal clooney has told the u.n. that history will judge bernie's leader aung san suu kyi on her actions she urged the government to immediately pardon the two imprisoned journalists that she represents reuters reporters and. was sentenced to seven years in prison for their reporting on the prosecution of injuries the first. us president donald trump has ordered the f.b.i. to investigate allegations of sexual assault against his pick for the supreme court brett kavanaugh the senate judiciary committee narrowly approved his nomination by
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eleven votes to ten but a q senator called for a week long delay before the full senate votes to decide whether he should sit on the court earlier professor testify the coven or salted her at a party when the two were teenagers cover nor deny the accusation. was democracy love of high drama and roy motion in the us capital. protesters hitting the streets to object to the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the country's most powerful court . i asked to run this same time the betterly divided u.s. senate judiciary committee was pushing ahead with a vote to proceed to a calvinist nomination the democrats who wanted an f.b.i. investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against cavanagh were furious. and the corridors outside the atmosphere was feeble and then a moment that may alter history senator jeff flake who had just declared his
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backing for cavanagh confronted by a sexual abuse survivor. i didn't tell anybody in your telling all women that you don't matter that he should just stay quiet just yet you want to talk to. that might of doesn't matter i don't want to meet. that you're a little less. hours later the republican senator was back in committee and had found his voice offering to back the controversial nominee under one condition. i think it would be. proper to delay the floor vote. for up to but not more than one week in order to let the f.b.i. . continue to do an investigation limited in time and scope. with not dramatic compromise another flare up in the room and perhaps the country had been
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a vast hit but it still needed the backing of one man i guess the vote was a positive vote but there seems to be a delay learn more about it as the day goes on i just heard about it because we would get. ordered an f.b.i. investigation. not he left work flake to the underground exit away from the public eye to the end of the day of reckoning. lawyers for soccer star christian or an elder are threatening to sue german magazine dish biegel of tape published allegations that he raped a woman u.s. citizen catherine majorca told the goal that ronaldo attacked in las vegas hotel in a las vegas hotel room nine years ago now my oldest lawyer said his client had initially reached an out of court settlement has been all but no longer felt bound by the agreement she was still suffering from the after effects of the rape and all those lawyers called the accusations illegal. suspected
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poison victim and pussy riot activist. has spoken to d. w. following his release from a brilliant hospital earlier this week now version of says he was targeted by russia's secret service were investigating the killing of three russian reporters in the central african republic the kremlin critic fell ill in moscow on september eleventh the same day he was to receive sensitive information about the deaths there's an auv was later flown to germany for treatment. the doctors here say it's called highly plausible that brezhnev was poisoned we asked him how he feels today. how do you feel yourself right now. consequence of poisoning the well compared from last week when i was completely unconscious and nuts and standing what was happening obviously there's a huge jump for and the direction of being better i'm still not completely well i can't i would probably want to run
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a five kilometer marathon or something like that and still have problems with my i say two very weird part problems that. basically don't allow you to read with glasses or focus your eyes on so yes so my symptoms are still there but essentially this nerve agent it's. as everyone who is thinking about it speculated it's most likely had a very short term strong effect and then basically she's days out so and this is what we saw in my condition. your life is obviously in danger. for it if it's going to russia which. no are definitely not afraid in a few that russia needs courageous people who are not afraid of anything and. if in berlin maybe it would make sense to work with bodyguards in moscow does making sense because the people who want to do something bad to the could still do it so it's just if you do opposition politics in russia you just have to be ready
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for kind of any course of action. under police protection right now yes well. if we go out or meet with someone outside the scoresheet what we think was all police are very very very professional and they're doing it in very discreet ways so eckstein twenty thirty meters behind the. shared a lot about how this surveillance will be happening from their side so they are only positive experience for them. what was a main reason of your poisoning. i believe the main reason was to give a warning sign that we shouldn't dive too much into uncovering what has happened in africa. and the agency who lakes who knows how to work with these poisons. it's kind of their language you know show. i believe that the african situation is
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more or less the main here for two things together or both. it could be at the same time we all saw how moscow police was struggling over the past two months to write some sort of need. a protocol in order for us to give us a new fifty or thirty days they were unable to do that because the local court in moscow just kept sending the papers and saying that we're not going to work with this. my last question. is also for investigation of giving cash and honest and central african republic you so there's new information about this murder and when they want to publish this result well this really depends on what we will be doing siege to and if we will be doing staged to you at all because the publication of some of the so that information right now might. make the investigation harder thank you very much thank you tom in story now where turkish president. is wrapping up
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a controversial state visit to germany today the visit was meant to create harmony between berlin and but it's been marred by their differences of a human rights as well as mastery protests against the lines visit demonstrations are underway for a second day today this time in the western city of cologne which is busy which is where i do one is visiting this afternoon this shuttle to open the city's new central moscow a number of everyone supporters among germany's turkish community have also been gathering to welcome here. and for more on this i'm now joined here in studio by viewed abuse chief foreign policy editor. and from cologne is my colleague young welcome to you both so i would like to begin with you clearly a controversial visit and supporters and critics of. the gathering in cologne today what's the security situation there like. it's been pretty to.


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